michael owens performerMichael “Louis“ Owens

From an early age Louis was exposed to music both live and recorded at home. Being around live Sunday Jam sessions with his Grandfather (played Hawaiian guitar); friends including one Keith Stoddart; and his Uncle (Doc) a senior sound system operator (Doc’s Thunderstorm) in the late 1950’s-early 60’s;  an appreciation for great music was almost inevitable. Listening to music on the radio became a daily habit from very early years. The Telefunken radio in his room was what woke him up in the morning and sent him to bed at nights. This kept him up to date with hit songs of the day so much so that from age 10 he was the in-house consultant on what to buy for his Grandfather’s jukebox.

Later influences came from elder friends in particular, Norman “Roots & Soul” and Junior Massey who introduced him to Vic’s Pad, Duke Fuller, Soul Shack and Merritone opening up a whole new world of music. Woodbury Inn (East road) created another chapter in his musical journey. New friends locally and overseas were made at this Collectors’ meeting ground in Jamaica where some real musical gems were shared every Friday afternoon into the wee hours of the morning.Louis is a co-host of the Back A Yaad show that airs every Friday night form Burlington Lounge in Kingston, Jamaica

Favorite Artists:  Delroy Wilson and Curtis Mayfield




Favorite Genres:  Soul and Ska

skaSolid Gold Soul

Favorite Record:  Delroy Wilson- Why Do Lovers

 why do lovers.jpeg