dorrel Dorrel Wright – ‘The Cool One’ grew up listening to his father playing American music which he thought at the time wasn’t his thing. He also used to listen to a sound system by the name of Red Lion, which played ska, rock steady and reggae. Dorrel notes that “everything that he knows about music he learnt from someone else”He started buying American music when he first came to the US in 1977and didn’t consider himself as a true collector until he met and started hanging out with certain people such as Gary Chung, Wellington Hyde, Richard Elcock and Howard Vassel.  Dorrel used to go to many places to hunt records and was inspired by singers like the legendary Bob Marley, whom he had the pleasure to meet in person along with Dennis Brown, Delroy Wilson, Alton Ellis, Dobby Dobson and Phillip Fraser who became his good friend. His favorite sound systems growing up in Jamaica was King Tubby’s and Black Harmony both of whom he also credits as inspiration for his music collection and his playing style. Dorrel notes that “Music plays an important part in his everyday life”

Favorite Artist:  Delroy Wilson

delroy wilson

Favorite Genre:  Reggae

reggae large

Favorite Record:  Delroy Wilson- Once Upon A Time

delroy wilson record

Favorite Sound System:  King Tubby’s