Charles “CharlieK” Kennedy

Charles Kennedy is one of the hosts of Vintage Vinyl which airs every Sunday from 1-5 pm. His love of music started in his early teens, during which time he was partial to the sounds of Ska and Rocksteady.  While living in Mona Heights, Jamaica, he started a sound called “Steadyrock,” that played mostly at house parties in Mona, Hope Pastures and the surrounding areas. Going to different clubs in Jamaica and listening to sounds like Soul Shack, Merritone, King George and others really peaked his interest in different types of music.

After graduating high school in 1968, CharlieK began his career at Seprod LTD, where he met George Philpotts, who introduced him to Gladston Parker (Gladdy).  This was the beginnings of the “Wild Bunch” Sound.  The “Wild Bunch” experience holds some of the greatest and fondest memories for him. During this period of time, while playing at various events he learned how to keep the crowd on their feet dancing all night, as well as, the ability to “swing” a party.  His “Wild Bunch” era ended with CharlieK’s migration to the United States (New York) in 1971.

While in NY, CharlieK had fond memories of the music in Jamaica.  He began to collect the classic songs that his mother would listen to on a Saturday (while cleaning the house), as well as those songs that would play on Sunday afternoons on the radio.  These memories sparked his interest in collecting vinyl records from different eras.

CharlieK left NY in 1987, relocating with his family to Atlanta.  At the time, there were only a few places scattered about to find new records. But CharlieK continued to collect utilizing the internet to make finding records even easier. His love of music thrives today, with the support of his loving wife, dance partner and side-kick, Jennifer “Silky Voice”.