Robert “Ronbad” Nugent

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARobert “RonBad” Nugent has been associated with music from the age of 12, playing records as well as the piano by ear for the neighborhood.  He was educated at Calabar High School in Kingston Jamaica.  After graduating he gained employment at the Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation “JBC-TV” as a production assistant.  From there he moved to the audio department where he got the opportunity to work with artists such as Bob Marley and The Wailers, The Great Duke Ellington and his Orchestra, The Drifters, Eartha Kitt, and Johnny Nash….just to name a few.  In 1967, along with the late Ossie Harvey, RonBad formed his first disco called Soul City, which was named by radio DJ Jeff Barnes.  Soul City went on to play at different venues throughout Jamaica during the late 60’s such as the Stork Room Club, Stables Club etc.

In 1972 RonBad migrated to Mt. Vernon, New York where along with Al Lindsay they formed a new disco called Aquarius.  Together they played for Manhattan College, New York College, Pratt University, in Brooklyn New York, and various clubs and halls.  While in New York he went back to school to study radio and television production at RCA Institute of New York.  After completing his studies, he moved to Miami, Florida where he started up Aquarius, again renting empty houses and various halls to put on sessions that went on through the wee hours of the morning.

In 1984 RonBad moved to Orlando, Florida looking for new ground.  There he followed through with the same trend of renting halls and throwing sessions for party goers to enjoy his unique style.  During that time he met Trevor Pryce who played alongside him and became the public relations representative for Aquarius.  RonBad has said that some of his fondest moments during the Orlando Aquarius period was working with Trevor Pryce.  In 1989 RonBad produced and directed Reggae Round About, which was the first Caribbean program to be aired in Orlando on television.  With Aquarius, RonBad and Trevor Pryce went on to be promotional managers and DJs in clubs such as Montego Bay, Bumbo’s, Mr. B’s, Fourth Fighter Reggae by Runway and Tropical Breeze.  They were both also responsible for bringing Merritone Music to Orlando. RonBad also had his own radio show on AM radio for two years called Caribbean Express.

Ronbad is very happy to be a part of Collectors Korner Now Network as he enjoys playing music for people of all aspects of life. He features Reggae, Soul and a little Soca. His philosophy is playing music that people can sing along and dance to which is why he choose the name of his show as Musical Vibes .

Favorite Singers: Dennis Brown, Marvin Gaye and Smokey Robinson

Mentor:                Winston (Merritone) Blake