robert franklinRobert Franklin

Robert’s name is synonymous with Burlington Lounge where he co-hosts the Back A Yaad show. If you are not aware and ask anybody “where is Burlington Lounge”,  the answer most likely  will be “around by Robert’s Place”. Robert is a recipient of a 2014 VRCA Lifetime Achievement award and he is an avid music enthusiast. From the days of Vic’s Pad, to East Road and Burlington, Robert unwaveringly follows the music at these and other venues in Jamaica. Always up to a good jive (some not NFAP) there is hardly a dull moment around Robert.  His favorite artistes includes The Skatalites, Carlos Malcolm. Arthur Prysock, Fats Domino, Gerry Mulligan, Aretha Franklin (who he claims is a relative), and Gloria Lynn. Favorite genre is Jazz and sound systems Soul Shack- The Mighty Burner, Sir Coxsone’s Downbeat and Duke Reid The Trojan.

Robert is a very keen sports enthusiast and a strong supporter of Boy’s Town and his alma mater Kingston Technical High School.


Favorite Artist:  Arthur Prysock

arthur prysock

Favorite Genre:  Jazz



Favorite Sound System:  Soul Shack