Bobby Ross Harry “Bobby” Ross

One of the co-hosts of the Back A Yaad show every Friday night, Bobby Ross originates from Rockfort, an East Kingston community with strong musical roots in Jamaica. As a youngster in the early 60’s Bobby was a member of Bournemouth Youth Club at the famous Bournemouth, a venue that hosted many live shows featuring some of the greatest vocal artistes and musicians in Jamaica. These included Jackie Opel, Delroy Wilson, The Skatalites, with Don Drummond & Tommy McCook and other greats.  He was lucky then to attend several live shows  not only at Bournemouth, but also at the Ward and Rialto theatres (often without paying as he proudly boast). These experiences left him with indelible memories and helped to nurture his love for the music.

His favorite artistes are Ken Boothe and Sam Cooke. Favorite Song – When a Boy falls in love by Sam Cooke –. Favorite Sound System Arrows and Stan Soul Merchant.

Favorite Artist: Ken Boothe


Favorite Record: Sam Cooke – When A Boy Falls In Love

 when a boy falls in love

Favorite Sound System: Arrows Hi-Fi