delroy I was exposed to music at an early age as my father used to buy records first on 78’s and later on LP’s and 45’s. Also two of my father’s boyhood friends, Ossie Scott and Lester Williams were members of the Byron Lee Band. I remember during my school days using my lunch money to buy records. When I got home from school I would eat down the house lol. I migrated to Canada in 1972 leaving all my records behind. When I returned to Jamaica after only one year, all my records were gone as my friends took them all. I had to start all over. I was fortunate to meet a lot of great record collectors but Spencer Tracey especially taught me a lot about records and we became great friends. I enjoy all types of music and Slim Smith was my favorite artist.

Favorite Artist:  Slim Smith

slim smith


Favorite Genre:  Soul


Solid Gold Soul


Favorite Record:  Sam Cooke – Wonderful World


Favorite Sound System:  Coxsone Downbeat