Errol Bonner

Errol Bonner, who co-hosts the Northern Vibration show Saturdays from 9pm to midnight, was born on February 12, 1951, in Kingston, Jamaica. His interest in music began at the age of twelve on his way home from a youth church meeting as he walked pass the bar owned by Dickie (from famed Dickie’s HiFi) and heard the record Take Five by Dave Brubeck playing on the Juke Box. Errol’s love for music as a child developed his interest in collecting vintage vinyl records.” Growing up with music and listening to the radio during that time was particularly engaging and really started his pre-occupation and passion for collecting then. Asked what drives his hobby, Errol states, “I inherited this from growing up in Jones Town, Kingston 12, Jamaica and constantly hearing the big sound systems with steel horns in trees or on house tops and being surrounded by dance halls (21, 46, and Skippers Lawn). At the age of eighteen he started collecting a few records eventually becoming the resident DJ for Soul Children Disco.

Errol migrated to Toronto, Canada in 1979 where his work career included a number of management positions within the social services sector in Toronto. He is full of life and knows how to make people around him happy and loves to spend time with friends and family. He takes every opportunity to thank the superpower who blesses him to wake up every morning and experience this amazing planet; full of natural music in any form.