Billy T

 Richard “Billy T” Elcock was destined to be associated with music as his first job was for Clement Dodd, first at his record store, and later at the Jamaica Recording Studio where he met all the great artists of the time including, the Wailers, Clancy Eccles, Jackie Opel, Owen Gray and all the Skatalites. Billy also met Delroy Wilson with whom he became great friends. When not working, Billy loved the sound systems of the day, especially Stan the Soul Merchant, Doc, Billy’s Hometown, V Rocket and Merritone. Billy migrated to New York in 1973 (leaving all his records behind) where he hooked up with Frano and Mikey Barnett. He credits them, especially Mikey for opening his eyes to rarer records by artists he didn’t know before such as Ray Pollard. He moved to Florida in 1979 and traveled all across the country building his collection. Billy also, along with his 2 partners,  operated Stingers Night Club in South Florida for over 25 years  keeping him close to the musical trends of the day. For his contributions to and excellence in collecting Billy was awarded a Lifetime Achievement  Award by VRCA In 2013.



Favorite Artist:  Roy Hamilton

Roy Hamilton

Favorite Genre:  Soul

Solid Gold Soul

Favorite Record:  Adam Wade – Everyone Is Looking For That Someone

 Adam Wade

Favorite Sound System:  Merritone