Marco Polo

marcoGrowing up in Jamaica I grew up with music. My neighbours on each side used to play music. One was a Rudeboy sound and the other was an R&B sound.  At the tender age of 16 years old,  my love for music blossomed. The collecting of records started when I came to Toronto in 1972. After realizing a lack of music on the radio back then, I made an effort to keep my passion for music alive. The first album (first R&B) I purchased in Canada was Marvin Gaye & his Girls. The first Jazz album I purchased was Gene Ammons’ Angel Eyes. I have a love for all types of music but my first love is Jazz with R&B/Soul a close second.

Favorite Artist:  Jerry Butler

jerry butler 1.jpg

Favorite Genre:  Jazz


 Favorite Record:  Marvin Gaye– Marvin Gaye and His Girls


Favorite Sound System:  Big Roy the Giant / Ffolkes