Aubrey “Stumpy” Grant

Aubrey Franklin Grant (AKA Junior Grant and Stumpy) is one of the hosts of Vintage Vinyl which airs every Sunday from 1-5 pm. He was born in January 1954 and was schooled in the fundamentals of music by his mother who was an avid lover of music.  She would coach him how to select and operate her stereo while she would entertain her friends.  She would scold him in the day for misbehaving then later call on him to select and stack the records on her player.

In this early 70’s party scene he met Trevor (Bop) McDonald and Michael (Joints) Tomlinson. They would go all over Kingston wherever the parties were. Stumpy recalls memorable times at Kingsley Cooper`s Soul Construction, Casino Royale (Smirch Disco), Kings Club with Quillo, Curphey Place, Soultone , Sanatone, Mello Canary, Tropics Night Club with Baby U and Image Disco with Bagga. Eventually he and a neighborhood friend Carlton (Shirt) Clarke started to play out with his first Club gig  at Delmonte Pub (Hot Box) Windward Road where Lauderbell and Sanatone made a name. He then hooked up with some friends in Vineyard town with a sound called PlusX Aggregation playing at venues like UWI`s Taylor Hall, Student Union, Nurse`s HQ to name a few

Stumpy migrated to the US in 1987. He shipped 2 barrels of records to which his real good friends Bop and Yoyo help themselves. He was greatly influenced by Bop and Yoyo to collect records. They would go record hunting at various shows, driving to places near and far then back home to NY.

His favorite genre is 70`s Soul and Stumpy has continuously honed his musical and collecting skills through the years. He currently resides in New York with his lovely wife Carol. He continues to be a prolific collector with an excellent ear for good music especially soul.