paul2Paul Hutton spent his formative years in the Waterhouse community with notable neighbors such as King Tubby’s, Sly Dunbar and Jammy’s to name a few. He migrated to New York in 1969 and after attending City University of New York opened the first of his two record stores Soul Heaven in Brooklyn. He subsequently relocated his store to Queens and renamed it ‘Soul to Soul’ as he concentrated more on finding and selling collectable records. Between these two stores Paul became one of the most important outlets for collectors in New York and around the country. It is no exaggeration to say that Paul is responsible for many of the records in many of collections featured on CKN and elsewhere. Paul’s musical influences came from many sources, most notably Merritone, David Reid, Leslie “Soulseeker” Bryan, Michael Barnett and Norman “Buzz” Fortella. He continues to sell records presently on eBay and is a co-founder of The Collectors Korner Now Network.

 Favorite Artist:  Sam Cooke

Photo of Sam Cooke


Favorite Genre:  Soul



Favorite Record:  Bobby Bennett – Alone With My Tears

bobby mennett alone with


Favorite Sound System:  Merritone and Sir Mike The Musical Dragon

merritone sir mike