Vintage Vinyl: Video Show

Vintage Vinyl streams from South Florida every Sunday from 1 – 5 PM and is co-hosted by Richard “Billy T” Elcock, Charles “CharlieK” Kennedy, Michael “Louis” Owens, Aubrey “Stumpy” GrantClayton Young and Junior Cyrus. Each program features one of the hosts listed above, along with a guest DJ. The guest DJ is usually a collector from the South Florida area, but the show features guests from other areas as well.

When playing, Billy, Clayton, Junior and Winston will feature their impressive collections and, from time to time, will interject a little more fun than usual with their friendly competitions. Vintage Vinyl features music from all genres, with an emphasis on Soul and R&B from the 60s through the 80s.

Each Sunday our goal is to feature our favorite records from our collections, while keeping the show entertaining for our listeners.