Back-A-Yaad: Video Show

Back a Yaard

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Fridayz Back- A-Yaad streams every Friday night from 9pm Until at Burlington Lounge which is very appropriate because Burlington is currently the favorite venue in Kingston for lovers of collector’s music. The show is co-hosted by Noel Campbell, Robert Franklin, Michael “Louis” Owens and Harry “Bobby” Ross and features the best of music from all genres.  Listeners will be treated to a variety of music presented in Jamaica’s unique style.    Robert, Bobby and Louis will feature on the show but they will also offer a delightful cornucopia of collectors who reside in Jamaica that we don’t get to hear very often if at all. All of this takes place during the most popular night at Burlington where locals and visitors alike gather every Friday night to soak up the music, food and lyming that it is famous for. You are also invited to tune in every Fourth Sunday from 11 am to 1 pm when the Back-A-Yaad crew presents Jazz Jamaican Style.