Pat “KoolMan” Lando

plheadshot001I was indoctrinated into the world of music at a very early age. The two main influences were my younger sister Jennifer and my father, with one of his commercial enterprises being a bar. As a teenager it was my responsibility to keep our juke box the most current on the block.

Over the years my love for music grew and I became a ‘hunter’ – hunting music all over the world, as my taste broadened and my musical collection diversified and grew.

Lando's dog Harley

Lando’s dog Harley

A friend once told me that even if I were to live to a hundred years old, I would never be able to listen to all the music I had accumulated over the years.

In my earlier years I was a disc jockey at parties and clubs but realized that radio would be the best media for me to share my collection with an audience. I hosted two radio shows “Reggae Classic” and the “Dr Love Show” on AM/FM Chin Radio in Toronto for several years, receiving global acceptance and accumulating a diverse cult following. I am very excited to join CKN and look forward to satisfying the listeners with the diversity of my smooth grooves. Music is my life and I will always play sweet songs for you.